About Me

Hi! I am Mae Zing. A huge part of my decision to become a Wedding Planner/Officiant came from my experiences with friends and family, whipping up impromptu parties that always leave lasting memories. And partly because living in Northeast Ohio taught me that sometimes you need a bit of creativity to have a good time. It brings me so much joy to see a group of people brought together in a celebration dedicated to love and happiness. Life is so short I feel that we should spend it with the ones that we love as much as possible. My friends know me best as being spontaneous, a stickler for the details, fun, and a little off the mark- which happen to be the same ingredients needed for a really memorable wedding! A perfect day for me consists of spending time with the man that I love, our delightful animals, and our fantastic children. I love creating new and different meals, trying out interesting restaurants, planning trips, and playing games with friends. I’m just as comfortable curled up on the sofa with Mr. Zing watching Netflix, as I am getting out of the house and going on adventures All of the little things that make people different and unique are what I cherish the most, and I want to bring that attention to detail into your special day. Did you and your significant other fall in love over Game of Thrones? I can put together an epic red wedding (minus all of the murder, of course). Are you a couple of Hufflepuffs? I’ll be sure to bring the butterbeer. No matter what type of wedding you've been dreaming of, I know that with my touch your special day will be aMaeZing!